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Though erectile dysfunction and other sexual hindrances can have biological causes, for many the problem is psychological. Performance anxiety can be a serious obstacle to a fulfilling sexual relationship, but it can also be overcome. Join our panel of experts for a live discussion of its causes and cures. Viewers are encouraged to submit their questions in advance, or during the live program.

Medically Reviewed On: July 21, 2009

Webcast Transcript

DAVID FOLK THOMAS:  Now, very quickly, treatments.  Everybody's heard about Viagra this, Viagra that.  Is that a big part of Viagra, to help people with performance anxiety?

KEN ROSENBERG, MD:  Viagra is the drug of choice nowadays if you're going to use a drug for erectile dysfunction.  It doesn't work to give you an erection.  What it does is keeps the blood in the penis.  You need to take it a half hour to an hour before you're going to have intercourse, because it has to get to your penis.  You have to wait for certain metabolic things to happen, and then you also need to be stimulated.  Once you're stimulated, what Viagra does very nicely -- it works about 80 percent of the time -- is it keeps the blood in the penis, so it really keeps the hydraulic system, if you will, going and enables people to last longer and have second erections, that sort of thing.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS:  To wrap up, Dr. Filewich?

KEN ROSENBERG, MD:  But I think it's important to say and responsible to say that it has side effects and it's not something to be taken lightly.  It's not something to take over the Internet.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS:  You need a doctor to prescribe it.

KEN ROSENBERG, MD:  You need a doctor to prescribe, and I would say you need an educated doctor to make sure you don't have any cardiac side effects, because it could be a serious, if not dangerous drug if taken incorrectly.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS:  Along these lines, Dr. Filewich, to wrap up, somebody out there is having performance anxiety, unable to get an erection, who do they seek out for help?  How do they go about getting help?

ROBERT J. FILEWICH, PhD:  They'll go to a certified sex psychologist or psychiatrist, or a psychologist or psychiatrist who has had experience in this particular area, to make sure that they're well-referred and that they're people who are qualified, because you can go to someone who really isn't that well-educated or trained in the area and they can give you some misinformation that actually might be harmful.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS:  There you have it.  I want to thank my guests, Dr. Robert J. Filewich and Dr. Ken Rosenberg, for coming by.  Our topic has been performance anxiety, and we hope you're learned something here on this webcast.  I'm David Folk Thomas.  We'll see you next time.

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