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Reclaiming Your Sexual Life: Treatment Strategies for Erectile Dysfunction

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By now, ViagraTM has become virtually a household name. But there are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction and various treatment options for each case. How do you and your doctor determine which is best for you? Join our panel of experts as they address different strategies for making sexual intercourse a possibility again.

Medically Reviewed On: July 21, 2009

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DAVID FOLK THOMAS: Let's also -- we've got just handed to me, fresh off the Internet, off our website, some e-mail questions. I will read these to both of you. The first one says, "I have never been circumcised and have no problem with pulling foreskin back. Will this remain the same and the looks of the penis still be the same after being implanted with the pump?

J. FRANÇOIS EID, MD: Yes, it will. The flaccid penis will look fuller than the flaccid penis without the pump.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS: Let me go to the second one. I am considering having a penile pump installed, but I have a question. I have a condition called Peyronie's disease (which we just mentioned) whereby I can achieve a fair semi-erection, but with a great deal of curvature to the right. My question is how will the pump interact with my natural semi-erection and the curvature?

J. FRANÇOIS EID, MD: I think the pump is a great alternative for this patient. It will correct the curvature without a lot of surgery and will enable him to maintain an erection of sufficient rigidity for intercourse. It's a great option for that.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS: Let me get one more out here. Does the penis when pumped up feel like a normal erection to the touch? In other words, is the outer wall of the penis also firm?

J. FRANÇOIS EID, MD: Yes. I think that I emphasize that really it is a very normal erection. We have a couple where the patient had the pump before he was married. Subsequently, he married and he never got the courage to discuss it with his wife. He came back six years later and I said, "Well, how are things going? How is your sexuality?" He said to me, "You know, doc, it's going great. But I still haven't told my wife that I have one." She still did not know. Now I don't recommend that, but this is to tell you how natural it feels.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS: And doctor, very briefly, how much do these cost? Is it covered by insurance? How long does the whole thing from --?

J. FRANÇOIS EID, MD: They're covered by insurance. They cost anywhere from $12,000-20,000 depending on the hospital. The procedure itself takes about 40 minutes in experienced hands. Typically patients stay in the hospital about 24 hours or -- we call it the 23-hour short stay where they'll come in the morning of the procedure and then are discharged the following day.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS: Very quickly, John and Jim, in two words, three words, would you recommend the penile pump to our viewers on the webcast?

JIM: Absolutely, and the only thing I wish I knew more about it prior to going into the prostatectomy. I just hope that this webcast gives people the opportunity to know that anything can be rectified in that area, and it's so important.

JOHN: I second that and I want to thank Dr. Eid for doing such a professional job.

DAVID FOLK THOMAS: And I want to thank Dr. Eid and Dr. Perelman for stopping by and to Jim and John, joining us on our webcast here tonight about erectile dysfunction and treating erectile dysfunction. Hope you've learned a lot. My name is David Folk Thomas. We'll see you next time.

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